Mariana Chappell

Women’s Boxing Instructor

Hi, I’m Mariana the Ladies Boxing Instructor here at Legends.

I am also a Personal Trainer who is passionate about helping others reach their goals and feel amazing about themselves. I absolutely LOVE training our Legends Boxing Ladies who always work so hard – they make me really proud each and every class! Thanks ladies!

I have been playing sport, training and coaching for 26 years. I provide fitness, health, nutritional and motivational tips to help you improve your fitness, strength, power, speed, and general health and well-being.

I’m passionate about Boxing, Muay Thai, MMA, Netball, Basketball, Footy, Strength and Resistance Conditioning, Dancing & LEG DAY! 😛

Good Food, Good Music and Good Company is Essential in my life!

Legends Gym is by far the best gym I have ever trained and instructed at, we are a family. Come and join our family!

 Thank-you for your support and I look forward to joining you on your amazing journey with you.

~Get Fit, Gain Strength, Look Great, Feel Amazing~